Our Foundation

Sun Guardians came from an idea where our core pillars were Yoga | Art | Spirit. These were where we started from in our first 5 years on playa. Somewhere along the way we decided to try and simplify the ideas into something more palatable and genuine for those who have been loyal to our camp for all this time. We did daily yoga classes along with guided meditation. On top of the we did boba tea at least 3 days a week. All these things and maintaining a camp where there was a high percentage of burgins was a great challenge.

As of this update (Sept 2017) we are looking at dropping yoga and meditation from our roster and focusing on our tea service. That means we will be installing a tea bar as our main feature and gift at the burn.

I do not think we have 100% ruled out yoga and meditation. It was very successful in our camp. But we are also trying to create a space where we can be the most successful possible and achieve freedom and enjoyment for our leads and other participants in camp. Some leads have been locked into camp taking care of internal needs rather than enjoying the event we camp to help build and want to change that.

Our plan is to create the best oasis in the desert we can with a few interesting spins on what we deliver. We are asking campers to come as part of a theme camp; which means we work together to make this production a success. It is a production for the guests we have in camp. It is a gift we are building together as a entity and presence in Black Rock City. To be a place we can all be proud of in the end.

So, the three pillars we started with are given new meaning and purpose. While possibly focusing less on yoga we can now turn up the volume on Art and Spirit. With Bubble Tea.


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