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A Burning Man Theme Camp production set for August 2018 that will join the city as a contributing fixture of Black Rock City, the fourth largest city in the State of Nevada for one week only. The city is made up of Theme Camps and Support Camps. It is a user generated experience that requires participation and volunteers to reach success. As a camp, we rely on participants in camp to have a successful operation.

From 2013 to 2017 our principal project was Sun Guardians Theme Camp. It was a Hindu temple featuring Yoga and Meditation classes. We also added a Tea Service over time with tea we produced on site.

In 2018 we will create Monkey Bar, a Tea Bar and make that our primary contribution. It will be a light and festive lounge with air conditioning that people can enjoy during our scheduled hours.

  • We may add yoga back into the schedule if it fits
  • We are seriously pursuing an art car contained in a separate project plan

This is a Burning Man Theme Camp production doing business under Sun Theater Under Mars (STUM) for Tax purposes. STUM is a sole proprietorship and is not making any money off the work done to prepare for Burning Man camping. Funds are collected and distributed for camp expenses and filed for tax purposes under this name.

This will be a camp with maximum 30 people as subscribers and participants. All participants are expected to contribute time and sweat to making sure this is a successful production with the leads and producers of this camp.

Each participant will pay a camp fee and be interviewed. After approval the applicant will be part of the camp and be expected to participate in builds, projects and roles that ultimately make sure we are able to function safely on playa.

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