Our Foundation

From 2013 to 2017 we hailed as a yoga camp with a solid practice with great community partners. There are a lot of camps offering yoga on the playa and we were blessed to have nearly sold out classes every day. We have not decided if we are going to do away with those services as of this latest update (11/2017) and will make our future plans known as we move forward. As for now, Monkey Bar is all things monkey. Our tapestry moving forward is to create a space for like minded monkeys to have an amazing time and find ways to give back to the other monkeys who are in Black Rock City as well.

We will be featuring a Tea Bar serving Milk Tea and at set hours with special events circulating around those hours. Among those plans include:

  • Monkey Trivia : Date TBA
  • Movie Night : TBA
  • Human Appreciation Night : TBA
  • …and more to come

We are working on adding something new this year with an Art Car. Details are still too early to tell too much, but this is something in the works and will be listed here soon. Our goal is to have everything in focus before the end of January.


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