Three Pillars+

Sun Guardians is an assembly of an idea to combine some really passive masculine energy into something really powerful and dedicated to the heart, soul, mind. Largely fraternal and non-sexual based it is a focus on the masculine and elevating that through yoga and art. We are using ancient Sanskrit movement to amplify that energy by tuning the chakras through yoga.

Three Pillars: Yoga | Art | Spirit

Below are the gritty details and the heavy discussions about the 3 pillars of the mission of this project and how it is designed to give back and be a part of the community as a whole. What community? The community that adapts the 10 principles into their lives.


The practice of yoga is individual, but group practices can be very invigorating. Yoga itself is a tuning of the Chakras. Ever hear someone say “he needs to open his heart” or “he needs to open his mind”? These are relevant statements.

Via yoga we expect to build on a foundation of collaboration by using energies like chakras and meridians the bind us all.


Art is the key to expression and having an open energy like that will give us the chance to connect. Another level of connection is the use of yoga in collaboration with art.


Depending on the level of practice, a well led class can build a bridge between strangers that goes beyond physicality and beyond sexuality. Far too many people get lost on the surface and never get deeper. While the state of a person’s physical being is often a mask and by stepping through that by making a spiritual connection it becomes revealing.

Nude yoga is not a sexual outlet. It is a way of shedding the facade and making oneself exposed and vulnerable in a positive and non-threatening way. In a group participation format the results can be amazing. Two strangers can find themselves connected on a level that is a linchpin into what could be something or nothing.

This is a state if spiritual being where you are allowed to find your inner light and magic brightened by like minded people around you.

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