The Monkey in Monkey Bar

Why Monkeys? Why this? I feel this camp is finally hitting it’s point of maturity where it is ready to go into the next phase of its reality. We were Sun Guardians for 5 years. That was a camp that provided the playa with a Hindu Temple (Psuedo) with devotion to honoring the Hindu gods that we featured every year. There was meaning behind each one like Ganesha’s fun nature and reminder that we can over come barriers in our lives. Like Hanuman’s playful and devoted nature (loyalty to so important to me),  and then in 2017 we featured Kali Maa at a curious time. She is the goddess of death and destruction, but also life and renewal. It was not my intention to end Sun Guardians but it became the right time to do it.

Sun Guardians felt heavy. It was very serious and it was part of my journey about learning to run a successful Theme Camp. Success in the fact that we were able to bring this thing to Burning Man and keep people alive and safe. My goal was to create something everyone could stand in front of and be proud of. That learning experience was fraught with wins and losses. I found such joy with my camp mates and so blessed especially with the people that took on leadership roles in camp. I also failed some people and those were definitely the hardest lessons out of the whole thing.

Through this journey I learned a lot. I learned to listen and be a little more patient. I learned to pull back and get another point of view. The voices that have been there to lead me off the ledge have been profoundly appreciated. I do not have to be an authoritarian to make a camp successful. My personal fears and anxiety does not need to lead me through this process.

So here comes Monkey Bar. This camp is now designed to be more light and fun. Monkeys are cute and fun. Monkeys live in Troops and are very connected to each other. They frolic, play, and yet contribute to the community as a whole. In 2017 I took Wednesday off from camp and ate a piece of candy that apparently had a lot of something on it that made the following 12 hours quite the adventure. In the course of the I saw a manifestation of Hanuman AND the Monkey King that gave me a huge sense of peace and safety. So I want to share that with other people.

Monkey Bar will serve Tea and sass during posted time slots. We will welcome people to our air conditioned bar. Based on the theme of the evening there will be challenges with trivia or jokes from bar tenders. All in good fun!

Monkey Car is an art car that will carry the theme of the camp into the playa for adventures that not only serves the camp but the community as well.

We are eliminating the yoga and meditation classes in camp as it seems there are a lot of resources already on playa from other camps with great programs.

If this camp appeals to you then fill out our application form and be prepared to pay the $500 Camp Fee. There is another obligation coming into the camp, which includes the production of 1 meal for the camp that be as complicated or simple as you want, but have to meet some standards for what a meal is. We have 2 meals a day with a complete meal program provided by campers.

Why $500 camp fee? This is not a cheap endeavor to make a theme camp and keep all the resources for the year. Storage alone if about $3000/year and just getting the basic to Burning Man is about $12000. For 30 people that comes to about $15000 which should cover the budget. Any extra funds will go toward Monkey Car. Many established and well functioning camps have the same budget out there.

With all sincerity I hope that you see the value of this camp and will want to be a part of this amazing magic. Thank you!

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