Meeting on 1/13/2016

We met online today using Google Hangouts and it ended up working really well. I like the idea of meeting in person, but this is a great tool for sharing the meeting for those who need to catch up after.

We talked about camp fees and the process of getting people registered for the camp. At this point we are expecting about 25% of the 2014 camp coming back. We are alos looking into the group for new leaders who can help drive the camp. Changes include:

  • Mary is taking a stronger role for the kitchen and Kevin says he is going to help back her up
  • Kevin is also another good candidate for being more in a lead role in camp in general
  • Doug is taking the lead on a couple projects he says he can build at home including:
    • the sign letters
    • the new shower
  • We have some additional projects in the groups tab at the top that are also needed
  • We talked about the camp fees and they seem fair. We are including a level that allows people to opt out of the kitchen scenario and food plan

Feedback from General Meeting 2/22

We managed to cover everything in the agenda which lasted exactly 1 hour. A new meeting will be scheduled soon.


  • Who’s who in the camp
    Main Leads: Toaster, Knot-o, and Princess Beefcake*
    2nd Leads: JT & Durwood over the Kitchen
    Phinn over Tea Shoppe
    Piko over the Burn Barrel
  • Who got tickets and who still needs tickets? (Comment below too)
  • Water Decision
    – Talk to RV crew about their generator
  • Power Decisions
    – solar part 1 : Piko
    – solar part 2 : Black Rock Solar
  • Volunteer Roles Big Projects
    – Burn Barrell: Piko and Noah
    – Tea House: Phinn and others: rotating
    – Temple: Toaster and Others: rotating
    – Power Lord:
    – Sound Lord:
  • Volunteer Roles Smaller and rotating
    – Kitchen tops and bottoms
    – ice  runner
    – MOOP
    – Trash / separation / recycling
  • FOOD: Everyone with few exceptions is responsible for a meal; Dinner is first priority
    – Dinner: how that works
    – Lunch and Breakfast: how that works
    – those items people bring to help the community; stoves, chairs, coolers, dispensers
  • Registration
    – 24 people have registered
    –  9 people have paid all or part of their camp sees
    – Cap will be approx 30 people
    – deadlines:
    It is time to pay your camp fees.
    1st people to pay fees are first considered
    EVERYONE who intends to camp with SG should be registered
    No refunds ofter July 1st

Facebook Notes


General Notes

Toaster: My feeling is we have a great group of people and that most of us have tickets is great. I would like to see about 10 more people on board for the camp before we shut the door, but we need to make sure everyone is paid and clearly locked in, too.

The next phase will be to start collecting the resources that we need to advance. I will report on those as we move forward as well.

  • Registered Campers: 25
  • Paid Camp Fees: 10
  • Payment Arrangements: 2


2015 Water and Other

Our new water solution will have an impact on the camp fee by raising it $50. This will be a required payment by all campers with Sun Guardians because it s a solution impacting the camp as a whole. Read through this and you will certainly see the win. There are some benefits:

  • no one has to worry about water; this water will be delivered to us before opening and filled on site. If we need more, we can get more.
  • not carting in what is about 2 gallons of water per person for every day (that includes a shared camp need) makes the process just that much easier, especially for people traveling in from afar.

As a benefit of this solution we will subsequently eliminate 2 additional fees that combined were about $35.00 OVER your water needs:

  • The $15.00/person ice fee is eliminated
  • The 2 bottles of booze fee is eliminated

In the past we ended up giving away more than half the booze that was brought in and the money in the ice fund was not as expensive as we expected. We will have this as a line item in the budget, but maintain the bank for it separately. There will be a 500-gallondaily volunteer slot for two people to go get ice for the camp and funds will be distributed by a camp Lead.

A 500 gallon tank will be delivered to the camp when we are setting up and it will be filled soon after with “white water” which is fresh drinking water. It comes with a pumping system, but we need to provide that pumping system with power; a generator.

The RV crew from San Francisco will have a generator and we will provide them $ for or fuel for the genie to power water needs when needed.

We did the math on water solutions here [click link]

Basically if you went on your own with all the individual fees it would be about $53. and cost about the same as the increase in the camp fee.

Smart campers WILL bring some water anyway. Bring some backup in smaller 1 gallon jugs for personal or shared use as needed just as a backup!

Gray & Black Water

We have the 7 Gallon Containers from 2014 that will be used to store waste water that cannot be eliminated through the evap pond. This will more likely be from the kitchen.

2015 Plan for the Playa

MOOP-MAP-2014_DAY-6_3500wThis week we received some glorious news with a full and 100% Green color on the MOOP map from Burning Man. The Restoration Team inspects the entire city and puts down grades where MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) is found. Green means good, yellow means you left your boner, and red means you fucked up.

2015 Sun Guardians

Our camp plan from last year (see pictures in the sidebar and other 2014 posts) is going to take another leap this year into growth and presentation. We are already running and have the basic paperwork structure all written, it will be just over 5 months before we start seeing projects come to fruition.

Plan-AOur budget is growing too and with good reason, we have something to be very proud of. With each year our infrastructure grows a little and so does our ability to deliver.

  • 2013: est budget $1200
  • 2014: est budget $3000 (spent 3500)
  • 2015: projection of close to $5000

2014 also saw some very fortunate deals, but all those details are in the 2014 Trip Report. However, the plan for 2015 is looking fabulous but we need some real doers like we had to make this really take off.

We will handle camp fees through Eventbrite this year instead of money sent through paypal alone. One of the things we are emphasizing is not only some degree of transparency, but really an important drive to make sure we are set to reach everything we are gripping for.

What Sun Guardians Brings

Creating this project means we are a part of the city. We are a part of what makes Burning Man work. Our unique take serves the city and all the people who come and partake who appreciate it. We saw amazing turnouts at our 2014 events in camp when the announcements were handled right and this year we are going to blow it out of the water.

Effective 5/2014 Meeting Tonight

We are meeting tonight to fill in some gaps. Connect through the Facebook page or the admin here for answers.



It is vital to be engaged and acculturated (knowledgeable of the 10 principles and know how they apply) with the camp and the culture. Joining us means you are agreeing to abide by the rules we setup with a focus on community and contentedness the camp represents. You also have to engage with us at meetings so we know who you are and visa versa.

Note: we have started meetings already and do not expect to have a full compliment of campers until mid to late July. Right now the max is set for 20 people. Benefits include:

Nightly Dinner | 24/7 Pantry Access | Shower | Super Amazing Community Members!

How to follow Sun Guardians:

– twitter handle @sunguardians

– web site:

Primary communication page is this Facebook page.


This camp is community driven and only happens when everyone is invested in the safety and well being of the camp itself.

– Drama Free Zone: Issues? any decision by Toaster or Knot-O are final: we will make every effort to keep everyone satisfied. **NOTE** There were no problems in 2013 and we hope to keep it the same.

– 1 Dinner Meal per Camper: Sunday to Sunday: first come first serve (see more below)

– Fees are relative: see below (updated 5/2014)

– Peace and Quiet: this is a safe and sane camp so if you want to have an orgy this is not the space to have it

– Trash Management: everyone one is responsible (see below)

– Camp Party: Wednesday evening a party will be hosted by the camp

This is a spiritual camp by Theme, not a requirement by those who plan on camping with us. In fact, you do not have to participate in anything except the well-being and safety of the camp  –  AND – the camp party.

WHITE BOARD: A white board will be in the pantry with assignments /  volunteer roles. It will also be a place for messages and announcements to camp members internally and externally. (Toaster has this and pens)


  • Scott aka Toaster: Lead producer and manager
  • Scott aka Knot-O: 2nd in command and LNT manager
  • Kitchen Manager: TBD
  • Trash Manager: TBD
  • MOOP Patrol: TBD
  • Setup (Friday/Saturday): TBD
  • Breakdown: (Saturday/Sunday): TBD


If you are given an early entry pass you are expected to be present for build. You may also be asked to help our neighbors. We requested 8 passes and are still pending approval: July.


This camp is community driven and will happen as each participant brings elements of the camp contained in the wish list; a living document under the tab at the Facebook page. What you bring to the table reduces any camp fee; negotiate that with your leads.

No $ Fee: If you can bring infrastructure for the camp as see on the wish list.

Fee $: Will get you a space to camp, water, access to the food pantry, and shower access (bring your own self cleaning supplies; earth friendly). Send $ to via paypal.

– $100.00 / adult in an RV (must follow all RV guidelines AND participate in camp scenario)


– $120.00 / adult in a tent even if sharing the tent


– $250.00 / adult if you need someone to bring in your food and water for you and you may be assigned a meal night with something easy to cook


– PREMIUM DEAL: we will set you up with everything you need for a price depending on what all that is and how many people in your party. Negotiate with Toaster on that deal if it is a fit for you.

– plus –

– $20.00 into Ice Jar / person for the week

– 2 Liters of Vodka (If you are sober then not to worry, bring something else)

Ice Management: a rotating person will be required for a daily trip to Artica for ice needs of the camp. This will be posted on the white board; it may be in 2’s; volunteers welcome. Each camper must add to the ice jar. (see fees)

Water Management (5/2014): You bring enough water for you + 1/2

Why the stress over the water? Everyone need to hydrate and the best ting to do is get a 5 gallon container and fill it up on Gerlach or fill it up somewhere along the way. Have enough for you, your showers, and plan a portion for the community. Everyone will be thirsty and there will be gatorade (or similar) to keep you alive.

Vodka Management (5/2014): Vodka + Gatoraide allows your body to stay hydrated and be ready for the day all at the same time.

After breakfast 2 people will make a trip to Artica with money from the fund and bring ice for everyone’s cooler.


Each camper must select a day to make dinner for the camp; a meal that consists of a protein, grain/starch/ and veg. Something like tacos/fajitas is a great way of making all those things happen in one shot, but let’s not have 8 nights of tacos. If you need suggestions see below, but in the meanwhile we also have dietary needs: If you have a dietary need please COMMENT on the document below and add your allergy or need to the bottom of this document.

Choose a night to make dinner approximately 6pm (Edit this document)
– Sunday – (your name) – Menu

– Monday – (your name) – Menu

– Tuesday – (your name) – Menu

– Wednesday* – (your name) – Menu

– Thursday – (Knot-O) – Curried Coconut Chicken and Vegetarian Alternative w/ Brown Rice

– Friday – (Toaster) – Burritos, Guac and Chips

– Saturday* – (your name) – Menu

– Sunday* – (your name) – Menu
* special event on these night might require an adjustment to meal time

NOTE: Some campers do not eat meat so please make a non-meat option. See this list as a guide:
– Pescetarians: Scott K/Toaster,
– Vegetarians:
– No Gluten:

Campers are NOT REQUIRED to be present unless you are scheduled to be in that night to make dinner. You can trade and make notes on the whiteboard that will be in the kitchen. You will have access to leftovers!

Schedule Full??? make a lunch instead…

Dinner Circle: Each night before dinner we will gather in a circle, holding hands and have a mini camp meeting. This so when announcements are given, plans shared if desired, and the menu for dinner is announced. It is a tremendous community building tool.

What will you bring to share? All campers are asked to bring extras to share. here are some suggestions:
– nuts
– dried fruit
– gatorade powder or gallons
– water (big jugs – no individual bottles please)
– last year extra avacado was a big win

Scott Knot-O is our LNT manager
Official Trash Manager: this person is required to manage the 3 R’s for the camp BUT! It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure recyclables, burn barrel and landfill garbage is safely managed. EVERYONE must be a part of this and listen to the Trash Manager and LNT manager when asked.

**LNT / 3 R’s
LNT = LEAVE NO TRACE – keep it clean. Then make sure it stays clean.
3 R’s = Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

CLUE: If you go shopping on the way in remove and leave behind as much pf the packaging as you can. If you pick up pop-tarts. then get rid of the boxes. Bring the absolutely minimum in.



–  camp activity: erect camp



– NOT IN SUN GUARDIANS CAMP :Official Queer Burner Meet & Greet :  7pm (details to follow)



– scheduled class: Individual Meditation Workshop; Guided 1:30pm @Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

– scheduled class: Rootist Yoga 3:33pm @Mike Pierce from Vegas



– NOT IN SUN GUARDIANS CAMP : Naked Bike Ride : 11:00 am

– camp activity: 6:00 pm hosted party *



– scheduled class: Individual Meditation Workshop; Guided 1:30pm @Bobby Hedglin-Taylor



– NOT IN SUN GUARDIANS CAMP :Gay Pride Parade Participation for those who wish : 12pm



– scheduled class: Individual Meditation Workshop; Guided 1:30pm @Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

– camp activity: partial breakdown (non-essentials)



*asking all camp members to partake
T – not confirmed

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