In my exploration of things I discovered that Hanuman is like the patron saint of Kushti Wrestling in Indian culture. No, I do not pretend to be an expert in any of this, but I am taking that idea and putting a spin into it that I think will be a lot of fun. So, I am starting to put out the word early as the plans for the week build. It is in out events section and I have created an official Facebook Event.


We are exploring an exhibition / fun event in the temple on Thursday for a wrestling event Indian Style (East Indian called Kushti). But any kind of wrestling in an inflated rubber tub filled with mud. Wrestlers are welcome to wear a traditional wrap, speedo, shorts or …nothing.

imagesHanumanThis is for fun and not to be taken too seriously. An official and first aide person will be present. Participants can be any gender and an audience will surround the tub and are encouraged to bring playa gifts for the winners. Reward your warriors.

WANT TO PARTICIPATE? Stay engaged on this event. If you want to camp with Sun Guardians follow the links in the about section. We are exploring the idea and encouraging people to come join in on the fun as a participant!

Planning ahead

Plan-AWell, maybe by now you saw the work already put into 2015. It’s been hard letting go of the planning. Next year seems so exciting already if not expensive and more complicated. Just take a look at the foot print we are looking at in the map I built here on the side.

Thinking about joining the Sun Guardians? Well, most of what you need to know is here. I will be adding the camp fee information in the near future but the links in the right column will take you into what you need to know. Feel free to explore.

The image below is for the wheel of destiny. This is an inverted deconstruction of the piece I am hoping to see built for the playa.


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