Meeting on 1/13/2016

We met online today using Google Hangouts and it ended up working really well. I like the idea of meeting in person, but this is a great tool for sharing the meeting for those who need to catch up after.

We talked about camp fees and the process of getting people registered for the camp. At this point we are expecting about 25% of the 2014 camp coming back. We are alos looking into the group for new leaders who can help drive the camp. Changes include:

  • Mary is taking a stronger role for the kitchen and Kevin says he is going to help back her up
  • Kevin is also another good candidate for being more in a lead role in camp in general
  • Doug is taking the lead on a couple projects he says he can build at home including:
    • the sign letters
    • the new shower
  • We have some additional projects in the groups tab at the top that are also needed
  • We talked about the camp fees and they seem fair. We are including a level that allows people to opt out of the kitchen scenario and food plan

Planning ahead

Plan-AWell, maybe by now you saw the work already put into 2015. It’s been hard letting go of the planning. Next year seems so exciting already if not expensive and more complicated. Just take a look at the foot print we are looking at in the map I built here on the side.

Thinking about joining the Sun Guardians? Well, most of what you need to know is here. I will be adding the camp fee information in the near future but the links in the right column will take you into what you need to know. Feel free to explore.

The image below is for the wheel of destiny. This is an inverted deconstruction of the piece I am hoping to see built for the playa.


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