Feedback from General Meeting 2/22

We managed to cover everything in the agenda which lasted exactly 1 hour. A new meeting will be scheduled soon.


  • Who’s who in the camp
    Main Leads: Toaster, Knot-o, and Princess Beefcake*
    2nd Leads: JT & Durwood over the Kitchen
    Phinn over Tea Shoppe
    Piko over the Burn Barrel
  • Who got tickets and who still needs tickets? (Comment below too)
  • Water Decision
    – Talk to RV crew about their generator
  • Power Decisions
    – solar part 1 : Piko
    – solar part 2 : Black Rock Solar
  • Volunteer Roles Big Projects
    – Burn Barrell: Piko and Noah
    – Tea House: Phinn and others: rotating
    – Temple: Toaster and Others: rotating
    – Power Lord:
    – Sound Lord:
  • Volunteer Roles Smaller and rotating
    – Kitchen tops and bottoms
    – ice  runner
    – MOOP
    – Trash / separation / recycling
  • FOOD: Everyone with few exceptions is responsible for a meal; Dinner is first priority
    – Dinner: how that works
    – Lunch and Breakfast: how that works
    – those items people bring to help the community; stoves, chairs, coolers, dispensers
  • Registration
    – 24 people have registered
    –  9 people have paid all or part of their camp sees
    – Cap will be approx 30 people
    – deadlines:
    It is time to pay your camp fees.
    1st people to pay fees are first considered
    EVERYONE who intends to camp with SG should be registered
    No refunds ofter July 1st

Facebook Notes


General Notes

Toaster: My feeling is we have a great group of people and that most of us have tickets is great. I would like to see about 10 more people on board for the camp before we shut the door, but we need to make sure everyone is paid and clearly locked in, too.

The next phase will be to start collecting the resources that we need to advance. I will report on those as we move forward as well.

  • Registered Campers: 25
  • Paid Camp Fees: 10
  • Payment Arrangements: 2


2015 Water and Other

Our new water solution will have an impact on the camp fee by raising it $50. This will be a required payment by all campers with Sun Guardians because it s a solution impacting the camp as a whole. Read through this and you will certainly see the win. There are some benefits:

  • no one has to worry about water; this water will be delivered to us before opening and filled on site. If we need more, we can get more.
  • not carting in what is about 2 gallons of water per person for every day (that includes a shared camp need) makes the process just that much easier, especially for people traveling in from afar.

As a benefit of this solution we will subsequently eliminate 2 additional fees that combined were about $35.00 OVER your water needs:

  • The $15.00/person ice fee is eliminated
  • The 2 bottles of booze fee is eliminated

In the past we ended up giving away more than half the booze that was brought in and the money in the ice fund was not as expensive as we expected. We will have this as a line item in the budget, but maintain the bank for it separately. There will be a 500-gallondaily volunteer slot for two people to go get ice for the camp and funds will be distributed by a camp Lead.

A 500 gallon tank will be delivered to the camp when we are setting up and it will be filled soon after with “white water” which is fresh drinking water. It comes with a pumping system, but we need to provide that pumping system with power; a generator.

The RV crew from San Francisco will have a generator and we will provide them $ for or fuel for the genie to power water needs when needed.

We did the math on water solutions here [click link]

Basically if you went on your own with all the individual fees it would be about $53. and cost about the same as the increase in the camp fee.

Smart campers WILL bring some water anyway. Bring some backup in smaller 1 gallon jugs for personal or shared use as needed just as a backup!

Gray & Black Water

We have the 7 Gallon Containers from 2014 that will be used to store waste water that cannot be eliminated through the evap pond. This will more likely be from the kitchen.

2015 Plan for the Playa

MOOP-MAP-2014_DAY-6_3500wThis week we received some glorious news with a full and 100% Green color on the MOOP map from Burning Man. The Restoration Team inspects the entire city and puts down grades where MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) is found. Green means good, yellow means you left your boner, and red means you fucked up.

2015 Sun Guardians

Our camp plan from last year (see pictures in the sidebar and other 2014 posts) is going to take another leap this year into growth and presentation. We are already running and have the basic paperwork structure all written, it will be just over 5 months before we start seeing projects come to fruition.

Plan-AOur budget is growing too and with good reason, we have something to be very proud of. With each year our infrastructure grows a little and so does our ability to deliver.

  • 2013: est budget $1200
  • 2014: est budget $3000 (spent 3500)
  • 2015: projection of close to $5000

2014 also saw some very fortunate deals, but all those details are in the 2014 Trip Report. However, the plan for 2015 is looking fabulous but we need some real doers like we had to make this really take off.

We will handle camp fees through Eventbrite this year instead of money sent through paypal alone. One of the things we are emphasizing is not only some degree of transparency, but really an important drive to make sure we are set to reach everything we are gripping for.

What Sun Guardians Brings

Creating this project means we are a part of the city. We are a part of what makes Burning Man work. Our unique take serves the city and all the people who come and partake who appreciate it. We saw amazing turnouts at our 2014 events in camp when the announcements were handled right and this year we are going to blow it out of the water.

Planning ahead

Plan-AWell, maybe by now you saw the work already put into 2015. It’s been hard letting go of the planning. Next year seems so exciting already if not expensive and more complicated. Just take a look at the foot print we are looking at in the map I built here on the side.

Thinking about joining the Sun Guardians? Well, most of what you need to know is here. I will be adding the camp fee information in the near future but the links in the right column will take you into what you need to know. Feel free to explore.

The image below is for the wheel of destiny. This is an inverted deconstruction of the piece I am hoping to see built for the playa.


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