Sun Theater Over Mars

The Sun Theater Over Mars is a sole proprietorship and is doing business as Monkey Bar Theme Camp, Sun Guardians Theme Camp and the King of all Warriors art car. Yeah, when you are working with money and people you have to stay legal and stay up on tax stuff. It’s just keeping it real. As we merge into other projects they will be listed here.

  • Monkey Bar Theme Camp 2018
    Started at the end of 2017 in preparation for Burning Man 2018: iRobot. We are taking the camp in a new direction and with a stronger effort to build community within and hopefully extended to our network. We will be offering a Tea Service at a Tea Bar in camp in a cafe setting that will welcome guests in Black Rock City.
  • Sun Guardians Theme Camp 2013 to 2017
    Stared in 2012 as a concept to bring spirituality, yoga and connectiveness to Black Rock City we opened this Hindu Temple Space for these practices with wide success. We also started a tea service in 2015 serving Milk Tea from a home made recipe.
  • Art Car Project 2018
    As of 11/2017 there is some debate as to the complete concept of the art car. It will be in scope with the mission of the camp. The working project title is “King of all Warriors Art Car” and has raised about $4k toward it’s creation. See the fund raising badges to the right > >

Sun Theater Over Mars is owned by Scott K and has several people engaged in the various projects above in different levels of responsibility. This is a sole proprietorship as getting a identity in California is crazy expensive. In spite of almost all of our activity in Nevada our fund raising and money is managed in California.

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