Joining Monkey Bar

The camp will provide camp members with some basic items for the week based out of the camp fee, but campers are expected to be prepared in case something goes horribly wrong (practicing self reliance). We will provide water, meal plan, shower, kitchen access and a specified spot. As an added factor for 2018 we are looking at offering addition amenities to our campers including: air conditioned covered camping spaces, one or two private toilets for campers only, and an art car provided we are able to generate the participation required. This will be achieved through camp fee collection.

Active participation in day to day operations is absolute. We need to be a “we” in the scope of being successful. The day begins with setting up for our guests and setting up for our camp mates. It is expected that everyone will take that intrinsic desire to make our camp a welcoming place by working together.

Failing to carry out your part of the deal can result in you being ejected from the camp with no refund before or during the event. This includes participating in camp meetings and projects pre-playa.

Remaining a part of camp

  • Actively engage in volunteering with the camp; expect about a couple hours a day in one or two roles.
  • Actively help through pre playa projects
  • Actively attend meetings; some people may need to catch up on video versions.

On the Playa

  • Camp members must rally to help support camp hosted activities
  • Feel proud of the camp and take pride in its running and presentation
  • Make sure you have what you need to survive on the playa including water food and shelter.
  • Get rest, have fun, and know your limits and do some volunteering outside of the camp as well to enhance your burn experience.

Meal Plan

EACH MEMBER of the camp is responsible for sponsoring a meal for the camp and buy all the ingredients needed. You can also choose your Sous Chef and helpers, BUT you will not be alone. If you are assigned a meal you buy the major components and will have help assembling them – do not be scared.

We anticipate 30 people for the week in camp and 9 days of meals; the beginning and ending days for meals will have fewer people and the schedule on the volunteer page will demonstrate that.

No one is required to be at camp for any meal, except the person(s) assigned to producing it, but be there if you can. Guests are not encouraged, but guests are also welcome if approved in advance by a lead. We feed our camp FIRST. Leftovers will go into a specially marked cooler and can be accessed 24/7.

How to plan your meal to feed everyone expected – link

Camp Basic Policies

This is a quiet camp. We expect camp member to respect each other in every sense of the word.  If anyone does not respect another person’s boundaries one of the two people may be asked to leave without any refund of camp fees. This can happen before or while on the playa (at Burning Man or any other scenario we are camping together).

  • Any issues need to be brought to the attention of a Camp Lead to be resolved

The foundation for the camp is good health and safety practices in all cases. That goes along with food safety. We do not want to deal with any ANY illegal substances in camp or risk being seen as a camp that has those things.

Camp Leads

Decision makers for the camp and are designated at the beginning of the season. These are the only people to seek out to resolve issues within and around camp on any matter. In some cases camp leads should confer with each other to come to a mutual decision.

Camper Expectations

Everyone in camp is expected to contribute to make the camp work. This should be, at the end of each day, be a camp everyone is proud to stand in front of. Before getting to playa we ask participants to engage as much as possible within reason.

Burgins (Virgin Burners)

Burgins are never leads in camp. Burgins are expected to help out and actively engage in the understanding of the 10 principles and how they apply to the community in our camp structure and outside of it.

Acculturation Training

Burgins are expected to engage in educating themselves on Burning Man’s 10 Principles. This is a much needed sense of preparation needed before taking part in Burner activities. Each camp member is expected to know the 10 Principles and be able to cite how they fit into an action they did that day (or will do)

We will be conducting acculturation training through the year in conjunction with camp meetings. We also expect participants to take a proactive role in understanding the ten principles and how they integrate in camp life, Black Rock City, and beyond the trash fence.

LNT Plan: Written by Knot-O. There is a PDF for your review. Read through it as it will be discussed in a future meeting.

  • 3 R’s: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle: IMPORTANT!
  • Reduce: take any unneeded packaging/bags off whatever you bring to the playa before you come to the playa
  • Reuse: Pee bottle anyone?
  • Recycle: All materials are broken down by category and handled accordingly. Only aluminum cans are accepted by Recycle Camp.
  • Trash Management: Every camper is responsible for helping remove trash from the playa upon their departure. This includes Burner Express customers who can take 1 bag of trash and 1 bag of mixed recyclables in bags BE will provide you. Please avoid leaving the bulk with the last people to leave. And, make sure it is secured safely in/on your vehicle until it can be properly disposed of.

You are expected to make sure that your leads are not left on the playa with your shit to take care of. PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT… no exceptions.

MOOP Requirements: Here is some video training on MOOP from DPW. Review the video. It will be more of an issue for those in camp breakdown.

  • In 2017 we had our first ever RED mark on the MOOP Map that was clearly contained in the area of our Kitchen space. This is an epic fail for us and cannot have it happen again in the future. The only fault was to planning (and only on Scott) and not on anyone else in camp. The problems probably root back to:
    • There was an improper floor on the ground protecting the space from debris and spilled in the kitchen.
    • Water spill from the water tank obviously left the ground impacted and hard.

Kitchen Policy: Here is a PDF written by Pepper and JT. This will disclose some important information about your kitchen experience.

Water Management : We order 500 gallon tanks of water for camp use as well as a gray water tank management system that get pumped as needed.

  • Everyone is expected to be smart when using the water supply
  • Everyone must bring emergency backup water (1 to 1.5 gallons per person per day)
  • Gray water tank is 250 gallons each and used sparingly

Shower access for each camp member. We are still asking camp members to use the water sensibly. We are in the middle of the desert and water is a precious resource. Showers should not extend beyond 1 to 1.5 gallons per session.

Showers were only happen in scheduled windows, unless you use a shower bag that you have filled on your own. These times will not be set up to conflict with kitchen cleanup so there is not competition for water with the kitchen during cleanup sessions there.

Your travel plans: Please think ahead that your role and participation in the camp is not limited by your travel plans.

  • Burner Express customers: you will likely need someone or some service to help you bring items to the playa. Talk to your fellow camp mates about it.

Camp Electricity

One of the first priorities will be to get the solar panels set up and charging. We are supposed to have a generators as well. The EA team might need to wait to access this stuff as batteries need to charge and the genie is only used in certain times unless otherwise urgently needed. Basically, there should be plenty of electricity for basic needs all week including charging of electronics. Bring a sandwich bag or something that will protect your device from sun and dust while it is charging.

Every camper must bring what you need to survive for the week. You are the only responsible for your survival and we do not want sparkle ponies. You must also bring:

  • your own lightweight plate, utensils, cup that will be kept in a container in the kitchen
  • your own chair to use in camp. No chair, no place to sit.
  • your own sunblock/sunscreen spf 30 to 50 (recommended)
  • towel, camping soap (Dr Bronners recommended) and shampoo (NO HAIRDRYERS!)
  • …and once again your emergency water…

Camp Fees (Important!)

We collect a flat rate to make it as fair as possible to everyone. In some cases we offer reduced fees on scholarship with an email request to the camp leads who will discuss it and include it in your approval letter. For 2017 we are asking each camper to pay $500./person.

We have had campers offer more in the past by offering donation to assist those in need and it is greatly appreciated.

Monkey Bar offers a fully actualized camp with benefits and luxuries a lot of camps do not have. Your camp fee also includes a meal provided for up to 15/30 people; if 30 people you will be paired with a buddy to purchase and prepare the meal on a scheduled day/time.

Also, a camp lead (aka The Ice Queen) will collect $20/person pre-event as part of the ice fund and ice will be provided to campers in a fair disbursement to coolers belonging to campers that are kept in a common area and does not include coolers kept in private spaces.

Camp Fees are:

  • $500/ person***
  • Plus cost of a meal for 15/30 people

You are getting in return:

  • Water / Beverages / Liquor Cabinet
  • Shower Access w/ On-Demand Hot Water
  • Solar Charging Station for personal electronics*
  • Access to our updated kitchen
  • A fully flushed out meal plan (2 meals / day including brunch and dinner)
  • Iced cooler chests daily**

* No high wattage devices like hair dryers

*** Camp fees are locked in and FINAL after July 1st. Things and services have to be purchased in advance and we absolutely need that income. There are a few circumstances that allow us to refund after July 1st but that is also if the budget allows for it. Circumstances will have to be weighed when an issue comes to the surface.

So what next?

At the top of this page the camp is broken down by Year. Select the upcoming year and read the additional information presented and it will lead you to the application form. Thank you for choosing Monkey Bar. If you have not read and comprehended the above material it will be clear at some point… so please make sure we are on the same page. Thank you again!

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