Art Car Project 2018

Wouldn’t it be seriously awesome to have an art car at Burning Man based out of our camp for 2018? This will give us a chance to really bond with a lot of people and extend our services to people. We can share our sense of fun and adventure with those in camp and beyond. The name of the car itself might be in some flux we are are currently working on our production team, but the idea behind it is pretty solid. See the working plan below for more details.

In 2017 Scott K (aka Toaster) found inspiration in a lot of things about that year’s burn. Partially a vision of Hanuman, the monkey warrior from Hindu mythology, meeting our temple inspiration Kali Maa, the goddess of death and destruction, to see massive changes in the way we as a camp approach our Burns. Cast away the heavy Hindu Temple concept and reach for something more festive and light.

In the production of the project we have a lot of our assets and resources all lined up and now we need to generate enough leverage to make it work. Here is what is happening now:

  1. Working document plan (working document)
  2. Fund Raising Status: Stage 1 (goal $10k)
  3. Fund Raising States: Stage 2 (goal $15k)
  4. Working location: NIMBY OAK (pending confirmation)
  5. Vehicle base (pending final agreement; see below and details in working doc)
    1. The vehicle was formerly Dr. Brainlove and we will take it over and update it to King of all Warriors

Funding video #1 (above) was a quickly produced video for the Indiegogo campaign that will hopefully help warm up some wallets and inspiration for the project. I am eager to get the process underway and take over the vehicle and the space where we will be working.

As of 10/18 all the revenue channels above are active and receiving a slower than desired rate of funds. We also have opened up ways to reach people on Facebook with:

Provided we can start our working plan on November 1st with rent, amount for the vehicle and more on time (total $5,500) and continue raising funds for supplies and work time for welding  we can roll forward gently to success. Total budget so far is no more than $20k to get the art car to Burning Man.

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