How we start

Building a camp like this is not the mission of any single person. It is going to take people to get involved. To participate. To help build it.  I propose we get a committee to manage the concept of the camp that includes:

  • structures
  • camp design
  • camp theme
  • camp infrastructure
  • camp activities
  • blah blah blah…

My goal is to keep it simple and entertaining. Here is the Reader’s Digest version:

We setup the camp in a way that is not only protective to us who are living there, but welcoming to those who might visit. A group of us arrive early and get things setup while a group of us remain behind and take it apart when it is all over. Nothing too complicated, just some car ports attached together and a parachute over the top for shade.

There is no “camp fee” perse”. No, but any community needs support. So all campers, each individual, will be expected to bring a meal to the camp. It may be 2 meals. This way everyone eats. AND… for those who are worried about having to be at camp for each meal – don’t. You only have to be there for the meal you commit to cooking.

Community also mean cleaning up after yourself, cus your momma is not camping with us. unless she is, and I doubt she will want to clean up after you either. Each person takes a share of the trash with you. All trash is separated as recyclables, burnables, and trash that has to be packed out.

Bonuses are we get a shower or whatever. Each piece of the camp has to come from the members of the camp. We will work that out over time. Is that simple enough?

Yes, I am modeling my idea off other camps I have been with in the past AND camps I observed. The concept is unique and since we will be in/around the gayborhood we should attract a great energy.

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