Burning Man 2018 (iRobot)

So, you’re thinking about joining Monkey Bar for 2018 and cannot imagine a greater burn experience? You want to become a part of that history making micro-community. Becoming a part of a theme camp is something that requires commitment and engagement with your fellow campers that is not limited to a few days in the Black Rock Desert. As a theme camp we are essentially providing a space of engagement for OTHER citizens of Black Rock City. This is a production, that for some of us, goes on year round with a lot of work. This is going to be our 6th year on playa as a placed camp and we plan on continuing to do it as right as possible.

Before asking to join our camp, is this right for you? Do you even need a theme camp and if so why? If you are doing this then stand ready to commit a little time each day doing something for the camp to make sure our front of house and back of house is ready for the services and guests we will be entertaining. THE CAMP APPLICATION will appear in the footer of this page.

The camp fee is $500** and you will be required to produce 1 complete meal for all (up to 30 people) in camp; that means cooking and cleaning (there will be tips and suggestions to make this a lot easier than it seems in the meals section below.  With your camp fee you will get:

  • access to the camp water supply for drinking and cooking
  • access to the meal plan that includes Brunch and Dinner daily with few exceptions during setup and breakdown
  • access to the camp kitchen for cooking and making any personal items (that you must also immediately clean)
  • access to the shower and gray water depository
  • access to all camp amenities
    • 1 or 2 private toilets*
    • air conditioned camping and lounging spaces*
    • access to our art car*
  • coolers bled and iced daily if they are in the common area

The process and steps to join Monkey Bar is:

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Interview (Unless invited by a Lead)
  3. Following acceptance, send in your camp fee (or payment based on payment plan)
  4. Join the secret Facebook Group for camp discussion, attend meetings, volunteer and be engaged with this community….


This page requires some reading and attention to detail. There is no way around it, sorry to say, because much of this detail will be repeated and require you to be attentive and reasonably engaged. The term “reasonably” is a little vague, but you are expected to:

  • attend meetings if at all possible OR catch up on the posted video and send lead the password from the video indicating you participated.
  • engage people on the private Facebook Group (you will get a link upon completion of your application; we have a new one for 2018).
  • participate in the mission we are engaged in and volunteer to help out as much as you can within reason (there is that word again).

Failure to meet even basic standards could result in your denial to join Monkey Bar. The deadline for canceling out and getting a camp fee is July 1st (PERIOD). This camp is a space where everyone should feel safe and shielded from anyone or any thing that might be a danger. If that threat comes from within camp that threat will be removed with no refund. You will be asked to leave or you may be removed by officials.

What’s Next?

You are becoming a member of the Monkey Bar Theme Camp for 2018 and have completed the application and agreed to all the things that are included in that. This goes to commitment, presence and participation. It is up to you to make sure you can answer questions about the 10 principles and more. You will get a message from a lead with a link to the private Facebook Group (Monkey Bar 2018) and there will be several links at the top of that group that you need to visit.

Volunteer Page

You will look up the volunteer signup sheet and choose 1 item per day to do in camp. If you are a BRC Ranger or are Gate, Placement or any other official of Burning Man you may be exempt from this on days you are committed elsewhere unless you choose otherwise.

Burgins need not worry about losing out on the event, because everyone doing their part makes these jobs really easy and takes little time.

Choosing a meal slot: There is a slot on the volunteer page for you to choose a date/meal that everyone in camp will be required to select. You must meet the standards for these meals that are listed below and use the calculator provided to estimate your purchasing requirements. In some cases people will be allowed to team up or work with a partner. This is all detailed in the section on MEALS.


As of 2018 we are Monkey Bar (formerly Sun Guardians):

  • eliminating the yoga and meditation classes and putting the focus on tea and fun activities around that
  • updating our store front to something really special with bright colors and lighting that is super beautiful
  • adding a couple swamp coolers to our front of house guest area AND our new covered tenting area for out members

Speaking of which, there is another exciting project in the works on the down-low to see if it can be realized for 2018 that will be a huge asset to the camp. If this happens it is a game changer for 2018 and all future incarnations of Monkey Bar. It is called the “Monkey Car” and is taking shape this year enhancing our camp 1000%

Monkey Car may become the newest facet to our camp with an animated art car featuring The Monkey King. It is taking shape and we are raising funds for it right now. There is a Phase 1  Immediate Funding we are running for the first parts of the project. Phase 2 will start almost immediately after.

To join Monkey Bar:

  • Please make sure you have read through this page and the Joining Monkey Bar Page
  • Complete the JOINING MONKEY BAR APPLICATION (Click Here) and acknowledge all the notices in it
  • Be interviewed by a camp lead or 2 (unless you are already part of the team)
  • Pay the camp fee to Toaster (Scott) here (Click Here) [January 2018]
  • ASAP at this point join the private Facebook Group and get involved: volunteering, projects, documents, etc
  • Be present. Help make this project awesome for you and everyone camping with you.

* these additional amenities are based on reaching our financing goal of near/approx $15,000 which is the budget required to make camp happen for 2018 and the seperate project outline for the art car

** payment plans available, all camp fees must be in by July 1st, NO REFUNDS AFTER JULY 1

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