2017 Burning Man

Everyone in Sun Guardians is expected to help make the camp successful. If you are coming in just for a comfortable camping situation then you are looking at the wrong place. We need everyone to feel invested in making all the things we do a community effort; an effort that is spread out among the whole team as evenly as possible. It does not mean you have to surrender your burn to the camp, but it does mean you have to participate.  We do need to fill positions in camp:

Mayor: Camp Mngt, Food Safety, Kitchen: In Charge Sunday and Friday – Toaster

  • will direct resource placement inducing water, power, fire barrel, and kitchen scenario
  • will support Kitchen Manager and insure safety standards
  • will support the Trash and LNT lead

Lead 1: Build Team: In Charge of Monday and Thursday – Matt

  • will lead the EA / Build team who will set up camp according to the diagram
  • will assist members of the village with their placement and site readiness
  • will drive shower build with a

Lead 2: Week Schedule and Services: In Charge on Tuesday and Saturday – Hyperion

  • Technical Lead
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Every lead needs to be actively engaged in daily operations as needed, but will be assigned particular days as the primary ‘go-to’  person. besides the mayor, for services and inquiries through the day.


We are working the volunteer differently this year. We will ask people to work in teams, so that each is responsible for making sure their team mate is present. And upon arrival everyone will get a print out of their volunteer schedule for the week and are required to make sure shifts are covered and present. Volunteers will report to the Volunteer Coordinator and Scheduling Technician, then to Lead 2 or the Mayor in that order.

We will: (Monday to Saturday) Current list of events in Sun Guardians

  • Daily fluffing of temple
  • Have a daily yoga workshop at 11 am
  • Have a daily meditation workshop at 1pm
  • Tea 3 days of the week
  • Movie night 1 night only
  • Public camp party Wednesday Night

Each shift requires the following people to: (5 people in a team: or at least 4)

  • 1 person to barker w/ the bullhorn inviting people to come to camp
    • during food service this person sets up hand washing station 30 mins before service
  • 2x Greeters: welcome everyone in camp and thank those for coming
    • this position also makes sure bikes are parked in racks and off street
    • during food service: ask guests if they have food allergies and educate as needed
  • 1 person will stand at the entrance of event and help guide people
    • this person also insures sound is setup if needed and the space is ready for guests
    • for food service you will be a server
  • 1 person helps with making sure we are setup and assists others as needed in the above
    • for food service this might mean making sure servers have tools and ice as needed
    • for food service you will be a server


We will have a food service certification for selling food to the general population. The tea making will happen early in the day and have to be chilled quickly to avoid any chance of contamination.


robesWill ask camp mates to join us in a shared camp concept, but give everyone a chance to customize the basic design on their own. See photo > . This could be worn during evening services and as an evening costume for special events in camp.

  • we will talk about this more in a future meeting



This is an event where camp members are welcome to invite a guest to the meal.


This is not the final plan, but an estimation based on the date of the production cycle working toward the 2017 burn. We anticipate being a village again this year with the Rootist Lounge and possibly other camps yet to be determined.  We are setting a new upward limit of Sun Guardians who will be dependent on our kitchen and infrastructure.





Your steps now are:

  • Complete the camp application form attached here. Answer completely and add details in the final section for your comments. If you have any problems notify us at info at sunguardians dot net.
  • UPON APPROVAL prepare to submit the camp fee per the instructions in the right column. All camp spots are the same and if people want extra shade you must be prepared to bring it. Flat rate for everyone.
    ($300 / person – see right column for directions how to submit fee) Submissions for scholarship email or use contact form. – January 2017
  • CHOOSE your volunteer roles, meals, and review the sheet link on the private Facebook Group. (Pending)
  • STAY INVOLVED IN THE CAMP and attend meetings (even if you watch the video after and send password to Toaster)
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