Meal Plan

Meat eaters staunchly defend their access to meat, but will eat the vegetarian food before they let the veggies eat so think about that. We will post the number of veggies to carnivores soon. Plan 20% vegetarian/vegan.

  • Expect to produce 1.5 servings per person assuming all 40 people are present.
  • If a person were to make a plate for themselves:
  • Your protein in your meal should be 6 ozs
  • Side should be about 4 ozs each


If you are buying ground beef (chicken, steak, tofu etc)

  • E.g. 1.5 x 6oz = 9oz weight x 40 people  =22.5#s Protein* – This is an entree serving size.
  • IF 20% of the camp was vegetarian  then for 8 people = 18# is meat protein and 4.5# = vegetable protein

Imagine if you were just feeding you and put those components on the table and multiply that by the number of people you are feeding…

*in this example 16# may seem like a lot, but consider what is going into the protein as well and how much more volume will those ingredients actually feed. More or less may be required depending on your menu item.

Side Dishes

Use the same math except a smaller amount:

  • E.g. 1.5 x 4oz = 6oz weight x 40 = 15#s Vegetables/Starches each


Here is a worksheet that talks more about calculations to better plan your food purchases so that the meal is covered. This is a estimation / projection of the overall needs but this is rounded up. Take a look and follow up with a lead.

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