2015 Burning Man

2016 Sun Guardians Group Shot

2015 Camp Logo
2015 Camp Logo

2015 will feature Hanuman : Destroyer of Evil in the World. We took the camp up a notch… okay several notches with a little more technology and a little more fun. The general infrastructure will be greatly improved and the fun factor will be off the freaking chart.

While the camp is not Hindu based, the tales of the Hindu Gods are amazing and full of all the color of the gods themselves. How do we take what we learned in previous years and make something more amazing and beautiful on the playa than ever before?

Sun Guardians 2015

3side1The layout of the camp is an upgrade from 2014 and by adding additional car ports we are building a solid base for the camp and creating a courtyard for the temple with a lot of features of it’s own. Each year the car ports have been the anchor for the various elements of the camp but this and other assets will be the core of the camp. Indeed it will also be a great interface to the people who visit us outside the camp.

  • better dispersal of kitchen, coolers and pantry
  • casual space for camper at the face of the camp to view activity outside
  • steel pole skeleton based shade structure for campers with shade netting
  • car port and temple floors built on same tarps from 2015
  • carpet floor for temple
  • fire pit and benches for backstage
  • 2 black rock solar panels (depends on need)

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Click will take you to Facebook Events or Scroll Down

The events and dates listed here are taking place in our camp or where noted. We occasionally do cross over events. If you have any questions reach out to SG through the contact form in the menu bar.







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