2014 Burning Man

2014:Caravansary was completed with a huge level of success and in true Burning Man style the path was a tough one. The rewards of all that hard work was a successful camp with amazing people. To get dirty details see the 2014 Trip Report (linked).


2014 Final Camp Plan

The details about the camp are peppered all through the site including our scheduled events for the week and this year we are also participating and supporting Queer Temple; of which some classes will be held in our camp.

Our Leadership this year:

  • Scott/Toaster & Scott/Knot-O are Lead Producers
  • LNT: Scott/Knot-O
  • Durwood/Pepper: Kitchen Manager

This year was our 2nd year on playa with an almost all new cast. Many of last year’s campers have moved on or are not returning to the playa. We have been granted some form of magical steroids because this year we are blossoming so brightly and have increased our team from 10 in 2013 to 21 for 2014.

 Pictures from the Week

Pictures from one of our Work Days (Sign Building)






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