2013 Burning Man

2013 Sun Guardians Team

The concept behind Sun Guardians is described through the site already. It is making it’s premier at Burning Man 2013: Cargo Cult. We are setting up camp at 7:30 & E, or as close as possible, but will make sure signage posted at this intersection provides our exact address.

Camp Layout

this is still a work in progress: community participation encouraged




We will have a large section for members and their guests only for tents and a cuddle/crash space. Campers will be limited to 15 people max with no predisposition to gender; all are welcome.

  •  kitchen and eating space
  •  section for open guest space only open
  •  should prove to be a sanctuary against dust storms inside the structure.


The Week

The dates of the event are August 26th to September 2nd and though we have this theme camp, which may be part of a village, will be running some events.


*asking members to participate and **required and ***are optional

*/*** yoga classes participant or helper

** prepare one dinner for the camp (option to be present)

** camp party with music, drinks and food one night



Camp Party: ”Come as your Favorite Deity” [>>]

  • Wednesday @ Dusk (7pm) [facebook]
  • The party will include a pre-recorded music selection and specially made cocktails for our guests and knosh on some snacks. Please bring your own cup and dress to impress… because it could get you a special prize!
  • When it gets close to 8:30 we will be joining the Crisco Disco Mutant Vehicle and making a spin through the playa before heading to their camp to continue the party with Cowboy Crisco.

DiscoPup’s Jazz Happy Hour [>>]

  • Thursday @ Dusk (7pm) [facebook]
  • DiscoPup will be hosting a small party by invitation

Rootist Meditation and Yoga Workshop [>>]

Heart Circle [>>]


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