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We met last week and will be continuing the dialog tonight. The fund raising strategy in the previous post has been changed as we are making headway already by far. Yes, by far.

We set up a shopping list on the Facebook page and we are taking bits of it with stuff we already have or stuff we purchase for the health of the camp. The infrastructure is something very important to me because I want to present something amazing. AND I think the rest of the camp wants that same amazingness too.

Can’t see the Facebook pages (see the Files tab on the page)? Then add your comments on this page letting me know and I will help out.

  • 4 (up to 5) car ports (linked below the dotted line below)
  1. carport1 – Scott
  2. carport2 – Richard 10’x30′, with “walls”
  3. carport3 – N/J will buy one
  4. carport4
  5. carport5 (substituted with monkey hut) – Nathan and Justin
  • 1 parachute –  Scott
  • center beam support pole – Scott
  • huge tarp for floor
  • carpet remnants for floor
  • stakes, rope, tennis balls (Richard has some rebar) (Scott too) (N/J have a bunch of tennis balls to cap rebar stakes, will get more)
  • shower bag 1 (Richard has one, plus PVC pipe for a shower structure)
  • shower bag 2 (we have two shower bags to bring, as well as a full shower system… i’ll post some pictures of it in the comments below)
  • water dispersal system: tarp, large frame, (Richard has a large sheet of black plastic)
  • Grill 1 – Scott
  • Stove top – N/J (and we have several gas canisters too)
  1. gas canisters (Scott –  6)
  • Cooking tools
  • Snacks: broken down packaging with all extra packaging left off playa; minimal trash. Suggesting nuts, dried fruit, candy bars, cookies, chips
  1. 25$ – Scott
  2. 25$
  3. 25$
  4. 25$
  • pantry items for the camp: snacks, water, soda
  1. water jugs (10 gallons) – Scott
  2. water jugs (10 gallons) – N/J
  3. water jugs (10 gallons)
  4. water jugs (10 gallons)
  5. water jugs (10 gallons)
  • bar items: boooze, mixers, ice
  1. Vodka 2 Liter (Cheap – x2) (N/J can pick up in Fernley on the way in)
  2. Vodka 2 Liter (Cheap – x2) (N/J can pick up in Fernley on the way in)
  3. Vodka 2 Liter (Cheap – x2)
  4. Vodka 2 Liter (Cheap – x2)
  5. Vodka 2 Liter (Cheap – x2)
  6. Mixer – Gatorade – 20 liters
  • Dry Ice
  • Regular Ice
  • signage
  • art supplies for class: newspaper, starch, water based paints

The rest of the items will come together over the next 70+ days, so no one should worry. If you can take on some of the items then we’ll need to add that to the Facebook file called “Shopping List”.

By covering expenses in a collaboration we can still make an amazing statement.

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