Meeting on Tuesday

We will be meeting again on Tuesday online so people can connect from anywhere in the world. or

See the Files section of Facebook for all of the details as they exist so far.

This next meeting we need people to captain some items like MOOP and Trash and some other little things that we will all end up helping with anyway.

Fun-d Raising

Look right there in the left column and see our IndieGogo and there is more. We have a page on Cafe Press selling Sun Guardian logo merchandise.

So I need to raise money for the infrastructure and the supplies for the week. While trying to avoid a camp fee, I am hoping to see people investing in the camp and coming together to make it happen.

Who is involved so far? Not a lot of people, but as time advances I expect people will make their decisions. It is time to decide and over the next two months we should have all participants locked in.

So excited and will keep posting updates!!!

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