Art Car Update for June

I got an email from DMV asking for more information. I am not sure how I can tell this story in just pictures and disconnected text, so I am going to try and put something together here and tell a story that will hopefully lead to approval. The art car: “Monkey Car” was once called “Dr Brainlove” and it is owned by Brainlove’s people and I am leasing it from them for 2018 with an option to continue into 2019. Work began in January and we have been working on it almost every other weekend since to turn it into a Chinese Junk boat with an effigy of the Chinese Monkey King on it.


We plan on turning it into something along this line:

A rendering in color of what we expect it to look like as “Monkey Car”

We will build it to look like a typical Chinese Junk one might see floating around in any harbor in Hong Kong inspired by Chinese Mythology. We are struggling on hos to represent the Monkey King but have found a form we might be able to install mounted over the cabin. We still are hoping we can put a full figure on the vehicle if we can.

  • a cool feature will be a monkey roar projected off the nose instead of a horn that will be really loud and short signaling the arrival or movement of the vehicle.
  • it will have some sound inside mostly for people riding. It is not going to be a huge system, we do not have the bandwidth to make something designed to be an entertainment system but focus on our mission to be a conveyance for citizens of BRC.

Over time: (See gallery linked below for more images: USE ESC key to exit Gallery)

We are at a crucial point in the process with fund raising and continuing with the project. We raised about $5.5k so far and are a good way through with the project with setting the stage for skinning and getting l.e.d.s installed for exterior lighting. The images below show some of the progress. The video below shows our recent installation of the sail masts we installed that will be made out of cargo netting so they do not catch wind.

Youtube Video Updates:

I am literally pulling everything I have together to share on this car as it stands and as it will be. I hope this finds a sympathetic ear as we are building something new specifically for 2018. We are focusing on this year with the main purpose of being of service.

A little story

Monkey Car and the theme camp ‘Monkey Bar in the Land of Monkey’ are inspired by a couple things. First of all we are trying to bring some cool whimsy to the event for us and our community with the whole thing. Our camp is hosting a tea-bar and doing some cool interactive events. Our art car is planning on doing the same and making the most of the event by being of service. BUT!!!! We are monkeys and we do not like robots… monkeys wish to conquer the soulless robots and frolic with our fellow hominids and see the beautiful art!!! Oh and the Gorrillaz 2007 Album DARE… oh yeah! Journey to the West by Jamie Hewlett (singer and writer for the Gorriallaz).

Now Just Imagine: Hearing this… as the art car emerges on the playa this action packed music for its riders!

This is a International School Bus that is 45 (or so) feet long with the passenger part removed. It is in excellent shape and has been fit with extra cooling systems for use at Burning Man. We are fund raising on Hatchfund right now here: if you want to see that. Here are our videos as they are posted for fund raising and more:


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