Looking ahead to 2017

Hi folks… since we began some of the initial footwork in getting ready for 2017 it is important to let potential campers know that there have been a lot of lessons learned that will see corrections. We have received a lot of accolades for our organization and structure. Our infrastructure has been top notch, but I sold a big chunk of it to help pay the bills in 2016 and to reduce the bandwidth on the camp.

If you saw any previous posts on here talking about 2016 Trip Reports it is clear there was a lot of frustration and holes we fell into in certain areas. Let me be clear that I take on the responsibility of all those problems. The support from leads in camp was above board and one had too much on their plate and not enough help.

Reboot for 2017 with a new deity: Kali the Goddess of Death and Destruction. But Kali is also creativity and renewal. Sun Guardians: Dead Monk Society is a chance to create a platform for new ideas and new leaders to come forward. Ideally someone will step forward and take over the camp logistics from me in 2018. Not that I am leaving the camp, but it is a chance for someone else to take the reigns and maybe chart something of a new path.

Camp fees are going up. As demonstrated the last 2 years, the 200$ / person is not enough. For all the resources the camp provides and for the health and well being of our Theme Camp the camping fee is going to be $300 / person and put everyone on the same level. Even me.

We have some new temple design and a new backstage we need to develop and curate. There is still a question if we can use the shower Doug built. These are just some of the things that will be discussed in the 11/17 meeting and are listed in the agenda. (Link will take you to the Agenda in Facebook)

We will have some changes in leadership. I need people who will work together and leaders of the camp need to communicate and make decisions we would all make and support each other like we have in years past. This is one area that never faulted.

Sorry this has gone as long as it has. I want to make everyone a promise that this is going to be the strongest year yet. But with that comes higher standards and expectations from you AND ME. I am amazed how wonderful our team has been. It can only get better… and so can I.

Love & Light

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