Camp Fee Pay Window

If you can pay the camp fee 100% up front please do so as we already have expenses that need to be made to get ready for 2018. Delaying the camp fee delays our ability to order supplies and contract service for camp. We have a lot to prepare for so if you have any questions about the fee talk to Scott or Matt.

To pay your basic $500 Camp Fee for 2018 in one sitting:

The last day to request a refund is July 1st. Refunds are not guaranteed to be in full. The thing called a camp fee is our way of collecting revenue so we can operate the camp. No one is making any money off this process. The is not a luxury cruise weekend. This is a camp where everyone has to pitch in and help drive this to where we need to be. All those requirements are explained in detail on the “Joining Page” and the “2018” page. Please make absolute sure you have read through them

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