Proposed config for 2013

As some of you might be aware my plan for 2012 was a little on the extreme side. I planned on building a whole temple with scaffolding and towers with incense pots and all kinds of cool shit. This year I saw what some camps did and want to emulate a smarter concept.

Above is the AstroPups who had a somewhat similar setup in 2012, but they definitely stepped it up since whenever this is from. I am proposing creating a space for the camp with a lot of the same elements as last year but far less complicated. Using carports like these we can do something really freaking cool.

Above is my plan so far with enclosed space for tents and camping while maintaining a welcoming space for guests and events we can run. This might include yoga, tai chi, meditation or whatever we end up doing. It is Burning Man, while spiritual we can also have fun.

Car ports, new anyway, run about $300 each but we have a long way to go before we get there and can curb those costs a lot.

Doing it this way gives all involved a place protected from dust and the sun… but it also provides a designated area for guests.

Without camp fees we can work together to get the nomenclature for the camp by begging, borrowing and stealing car ports like shown in the AstroPups pic above.

I am making this proposals before we have even got started so we have time to modify them over time. BUT, I do think I am on to something.

  • no camp fees
  • everyone who camps is responsible for a meal be it lunch dinner or breakfast; so it could mean 2 meals for some and three for others, but it will be kept light. Dinner is the important one… AND that does not mean that anyone, but who is cooking that night, need be there (nothing is carved in stone but be responsible)
  • everyone is responsible for MOOP and taking a share of the camp trash out
    • GIVEN THAT!!! All camper will be responsible for minimizing MOOP which means leaving all unnecessary packaging out of Burning Man and we will be separating all trash: Recycle, burn, and other

So far that is all I got and that is all general right now. We got 11 months to make it work………….

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