5/20 Meeting

Tonight’s meeting with the people camping with SG went very well. The focus was on the new camp fee structure and is it fair? Is it reasonable and how can you avoid it? You can waive the camp fee by bringing major elements to the camp needed for infrastructure.

Scott Knot-o : might take on the shower project. If he is able to do that then getting the equipment, resources and bringing them in is a major component to the camp. 6 2″x4″x8′(or10′) built into a frame, a shipping pallet to stand on. THEN either 1. a camping shower tent or we build a light box with 2x2x8 with modesty walls and a place at the top to hand a shower bag.

Other major items still needed include 2 car ports.

other items are all listed on the 2014 Wish List in the Files section at the top of the Facebook Group page.

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