2018 TC Speed Dating

The Name of your Camp?What type?Placed?Base City (Cities)What is your camp schtick? Keep it short.Link to your campAuthorized poster: Your NameYour email and phone number and any notes you think I need.
Mudskippers Urban Decay CafeTheme CampYSan FranciscoFucking amazing fruit smoothie cafe, and a Whitney Houston party that is Playa famous.https://www.mudskippercafe.comYeswesleyburns16@gmail.com, 3522815038
The Love BubbleTheme CampYSan FranciscoA safe haven for Human Connectionhttps://www.lovebubble.camp/Karen Jeffrey(415-450-7554) kjjeffrey@gmail.com
Gender BlenderTheme CampYSF Bay AreaWe create safe space for Trans/Genderqueers identities and host/promote gender affirming/explorative eventshttps://www.genderblenders.org/Cyndi Veecyndi@genderblenders.org 626-975-8425
Buspatch Black Rock CityJust a group of peopleYOakland, CAWe bring a slice of off-grid vehicle dwelling community from the bay area to BRC.https://www.facebook.com/groups/buspatchbrc/Sparrsparr0@gmail.com 615-495-8127 http://buspatch.com
Gobi Heaven Armor Camp/Beijing Burner ClubTheme CampPending Application (Only if never placed before)East BayWe serve Mongolian Milk TeaTBDYeschenjay@gmail.com, 650-580-6651
8-bit BunnyTheme CampYSF, East Bay, SLCWe run an amazing sauna with a fun bar.www.8-bitbunny.comDavid Singerdavid@ramaboo.com
Burning GlobeTheme CampYBerkeley, CAInteractive Shakespeare. https://www.facebook.com/groups/556296087862378/about/yeslisaanneporter@yahoo.com, 510-316-0397
Monkey Bar Theme CampYBay AreaTea Service and an art carhttp://www.landofmonkey.comScott4155959027
The Love BubbleTheme CampYSan FranciscoWe are a safe haven for human connectionlovebubble.campKaren Jeffrey (Ginja) and Lisa Ann Caparra (Cinnamon Girl)kjjeffrey@gmail.com, 415-450-7554
SextantTheme CampNOakland Sextant gifts Black rock City citizens with the hazards of high voltage, high altitude, high velocity and high alcohol content. You are welcome to play with the musical 32ft tall Tesla Coil, enjoy drinks up at v?nderbar - our bar in the sky, then continue to ascent the 52ft Tower for an incredible view, and ride the Zipline to your next adventure!www.facebook.com/sextantcamp/Martina Bucciantoniomartinabucciantonio@gmail.com, 510-520-7568 It's very likely that one of my Sextant member, Dylan Hogan, will do the presentation (I will attend the entire event)
Playa Bike RepairTheme CampYSan FranciscoWe offer free on-playa emergency bike repair www.PlayaBikeRepair.comLoren GellerLoren@PlayaBikeRepair.com
Astro CatsTheme CampYSan Francisco, CAWe serve daytime cocktails, nighttime sake. We have aerial performance and workshop. We have interactive games. We have space for fire jamming, Cyr Wheel. We have workshop and practice of Capoiera. We will serve tea too.https://www.facebook.com/groups/Astrocats.2014/Lancelot Kaomeisterkao@gmail.com

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