2016 Sun Guardians

Hey, this is Toaster. Been working on the plan for 2016. I do not think it will be as much as work as it was last year, because we have a lot in place and a few places to fine tune. It seems basic on the surface. Pending a discussion with my key players many of the details for 2016 are already on The “Joining Sun Guardians” Page and the “Burning Man 2016” Page, too.

  • Do we have the leadership we need?
  • Is there a way to bring a more solid plan to the playa?
  • How do we prevent, what has been an epic fail 3 years in a row, when it comes to breakdown?

This lotus blossom is unfolding… be amazed.

We will need:

  • stronger sound management and system
  • rigging and planning manager

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