2016 Decision to go Village?

There was a suggestion last year we go village this year which would be an opportunity to give a bigger, better presentation. While the person who made the suggestion is not coming back, the idea to solidify and diversify some Plan for 2016of our camp features seems to be a chance to make those features stronger. It also gives us a chance to bring in people who march to the same tune who can give new dimension to our camp.

Is it an absolute? No, but we have partners in the community that could make a sweet addition to our story on the playa. One of them is Rootist Temple; who has taught every year in our space anyway. Another cool one might be Milk + Honey (formerly Shabbat Shalom) but they seem to be doing really well on their own.

One of our own campers thought about an all girl camp called Moon Guardians. I really liked that one!

Either way I am hoping to make a much powerful presentation this year. We have been so lucky year after year with the people who came and were engaged. I see people who never met before, spent a few days together in the dirt, and are out traveling to see each other in their home towns. This has been such a powerful and amazing thing here.

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