2013 Camp Events List

Sun Guardians will be hosting several events and our Facebook Group has all of the listed there as well as on this site. In order to provide more information please see all the links here with some explanation of what we are offering.

Find Sun Guardians at 7:30 & E or a sign directing you to our actual space. We will be taking space in this area, as we were not a placed camp.

Camp Party: “Come as your Favorite Deity” [>>]

  • Wednesday @ Dusk (7pm) [facebook]
  • The party will include a pre-recorded music selection and specially made cocktails for our guests and knosh on some snacks. Please bring your own cup and dress to impress… because it could get you a special prize!
  • When it gets close to 8:30 we will be joining the Crisco Disco Mutant Vehicle and making a spin through the playa before heading to their camp to continue the party with Cowboy Crisco.

DiscoPup’s Jazz Happy Hour [>>]

  • Thursday @ Dusk (7pm) [facebook]
  • DiscoPup will be hosting a small party by invitation

Rootist Meditation and Yoga Workshop [>>]

Heart Circle [>>]

Any of these thing confuse you? Wondering what they are about? Follow the links in the above or scroll down for more information.

“Come as your Favorite Deity”

Come as Jesus, Vishnu, Moses or whomever. Even just as an angel, devil or demon. This is the ethereal Cargo Cult mixer and ho-down. Radical self expression encouraged, but ONE RULE, we don’t bring bad vies. I don;t care what kind of devil you are you are one that likes to keep the party thumpin.

Jazz Happy Hour

On Thursday, I’d like to host a low-key, low-impact, jazz happy hour at Sun Guardians.

The jazz (true New Orleans, Kansas City and New York City jazz… not the present day Kenny G crap that passes for jazz on your local “quiet storm” station) will be provided by my extensive collection, loaded up on an iPod and played through a reasonably powerful sound system I intend to bring to the playa.

I would like to offer specialty cocktails, most we can pre-make here and bring with us, and (if I can find it, or have it shipped to me) New Orleans’ own Jax beer. I’ll start working on recipes. It would be, of course, bring your own cup. I’m open to providing cups, but would rather not, as it increases chances for MOOP within the camp.

The happy hour would start just as the sun begins to slip behind the mountains to the west of the playa, and end just before it gets completely dark. I’m thinking no more than 2-3 hours.

I don’t want to list this in the WhatWhereWhen guide. Rather, I’d like to invite people who have participated in the camp’s various classes earlier in the week to return to Sun Guardians to reconnect with their classmates in a familiar environment, but different situation… if that makes sense.

Also, music-wise, I’m open to morphing the music from jazz to general party music, nothing too hardcore, but easy early t-dance type stuff. Suggestions welcome.


Rootist Meditation and Yoga Workshop

Have you been wondering what is Rootism? Have you been wondering what is Rootist & PHY yoga? Well then, wonder no more:

The Rootist understands that the path of oneness forks many roads. There are infinite possibilities from which we may choose along the way. It’s the journey.

We will learn from our experiences as we evolve as humans, and we may hopefully learn to peel away the layers of illusion fostered by maturity and our life experiences. Through study and inquiry we may also find common threads from the ancient teachings linked to modern expressions of spirituality.

We may even sense unity at some point.

What is beautiful about life is that there are multiple unique levels of exploration within each of us. Each layer can reveal a different angle or new areas of focus for growth evolving us to become prismatic.

Our potential is driven from the main spirit channel, the heart – the keeper of our spark. Our breathing, the spiritus from which the word spirit evolved, is feeding the spark.
Self-Awareness happens when we identify and tap into the roots of our beliefs with evaluation and reflection.

Rootism is the belief that the truth is all around us always yet often hidden like a gem in the rough waiting for us to discover it with great enthusiasm. It is a spiritual game of hide and seek. The greatest task for the seeker is to polish and refine new meaning from what we have experienced and create a greater vision for ourselves.

The first step toward awakening is to explore the roots of all things. At the breakthrough from illusion there awaits our Highest Self applauding our newest discoveries like a happily awaiting friend.

Ultimately there is only ONE truth. Unveiling the universal teachings is the Soul’s truest journey where courage is learned from being in the mystery with an open heart.

See also: https://www.facebook.com/events/519302994809232/


Heart Circle

Speak honestly and truthfully from the heart, be brief, and listen attentively to others, do not cross talk or interfere with what someone else is speaking.

The process is not one of making strong arguments for or against something, or convincing one another of right or wrong, but a process of becoming still and quiet, connecting with collective wisdom. When the truth is spoken on some issue it is seen and heard as such…..it rings true.

It’s listening without reacting or intending to respond, listening without being influenced by long-held images, memories or firmly held position, listening instead with a beginners mind. This is not to say that all is serious. Wholeness includes all forms of experience, good and bad, light and heavy, joyous and sad, trivial and significant. Everything is an invitation to look deeper, sense more fully.

The power of a circle lies in our seeing and feeling exactly what is, and suspending the noisy internal and external responses that get in the way. There’s no right and wrong way to do participate in a circle or to do a circle. There are only honest efforts to hear, see and say what is most real at any given moment.

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