A Burning Man Theme Camp

Welcome to the Land of MOnkey. This theme camp came into being in 2013 as Sun Guardians, which lasted for 5 years. Then in 2018 we tried something different by opening Monkey Bar and changing our offerings to Black Rock City. So, from 2013 to 2017 we were a camp that primarily offered yoga and meditation  while offering a tea service alongside of it all. In 2018 we tried making a tea bar our whole operation.

Our camp has traditionally attracted typically amazing people from all over the spectrum and the world. We are usually connected to the Queerborhood which is the unofficial LGBTQ part of Burning Man in the 7:30 sector and have a high proportion of the camp identified as same. It is absolutely vital that all participants feel safe in camp and people honor boundaries and always keep a watchful eye for each other and our neighbors.

We have a complete meal strategy/plan, shower, shaded camping for most tenters, and a power system. You will be expected to be a part of setup OR breakdown, plus assist in camp with volunteer roles and a meal prep through the week. Everyone in camp is expected to be engaged and helping so all the work does not fall on a few people alone. There are some exceptions for BRC Rangers or anyone else with full-time or other related duties in service to the event.

Want to Join Us? Each year we learned something new and while still growing we are rolling into 2018 with some specific changes and requirements of our participants. These will unfold in the required reading: Joining Us page.


2018: What an amazing year with great people. 39 members



2017 Camp Photo with Imola added
2017: We were still missing a few people in this shot but will add them soon. Sun Guardians 2017 in the temple to Kali Maa. 28 members


2016 Camp Photo
2016: 44 Members

Another amazing year. Read more here.


2016 Sun Guardians Group Shot
2015: 37 Members: Piko seems to be missing from this pic

We have doubled in size every year in membership. Our infrastructure has also grown, too. The goal has been to provide something we can stand proudly in front of. It is a spiritual camp where a majority of the members who were not spiritual in nature. Yet still super amazing.


2014 Sun Guardians Group Photo
2014: 20 Members

Every year had it’s ups and downs, but we came together in a way that was very special. Our formula for bringing people into the fold has been pure luck. Three years, as of 2015, with a great crew. There are requirements to join covered in the documentation here on the site.


2013 Sun Guardians Team
2013: 10 Members

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