A Burning Man Theme Camp

Sun Guardians was an idea in 2012, but made it’s first appearance on the playa in 2013. Since then it was a placed camp and has doubled in size each year. 2016 was an exciting year on the playa with us being placed as a village at 7:45 and F. We teamed up with Rootist Lounge and will have an amazing presentation. 2017 will be very different as we take everything we learned an d make it all even better.

Want to Join Us? Each year we learned something new and while still growing we are rolling into 2016 with some specific changes and requirements of our participants. These will unfold in the required reading: Joining The Sun Guardians page.

2016 Camp Photo
2016: 44 Members

Another amazing year. Read more here.

2016 Sun Guardians Group Shot
2015: 37 Members

We have doubled in size every year in membership. Our infrastructure has also grown, too. The goal has been to provide something we can stand proudly in front of. It is a spiritual camp where a majority of the members who were not spiritual in nature. Yet still super amazing.

2014 Sun Guardians Group Photo
2014: 20 Members

Every year had it’s ups and downs, but we came together in a way that was very special. Our formula for bringing people into the fold has been pure luck. Three years, as of 2015, with a great crew. There are requirements to join covered in the documentation here on the site.

2013 Sun Guardians Team
2013: 10 Members

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